Tent Garden view

The shelter style which inspired from native American

with the maximum level of convenience and be isolated from green garden fence on your area.

We are also providing the out-door living space with a cozy pillow chairs.

Dome River View

The modern shelter style with dome shape. You can enjoy the spectacular river view on your bed, and be excited during your stay as well as taking the best of your photo shoot in front of your shelter. We are also providing the out-door living space with a cozy pillow chairs.

Campervan River view

 Our Campervan is located among of large trees and fields of green grass surrounded,

and parked very close to the Kwai noi river just a few foot steps.

Beside the Campervan we also have dining table for your party. 

Campervan River View for 4

The family friendly Campervan is equipped with one queen size bed

and one double stories bed those suit for 4 people.

you’ll find all the amenities you’ll need for every members.

A part form comfortable space at night inside the car,

we still have a dinning table for you to set up the BBQ party

or makes it on your own style beside the Kwai noi river.

2 Bed Room Tent River View
(1 extra bed)
The new level of comfort and privacy,
With our separated bedrooms those can accommodate up to 4 people for your family members .
The couple? No worry, you can turn one of the bed room to a private spacious living room.
Just inform our staffs before arrival date. Be peaceful in your private resident.

Villa River Front with Sky Desk 

 Our convenient accommodation with stunning view of Kwai noi,

we turn the front wall into a big glass entrance,

so you can see the river view all the time you spend in your resident,

take a deep breath and enjoy the wonderful moments with your companion on our sky desk

that suitable for the sunset panoramic view celebration. Go up stair and Cheer!.